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Available for fine hair or porous/damaged hair, Fabuloso Pro conditioner bases extend the life of hair color, improve hair strength, increase moisture and give added UV protection. Add the Fabuloso Pro color intensifiers to the Fabuloso Pro retail conditioner bases to create customized Colour Intensifying Conditioners for your clients to help maintain their hair colour.

Dull, dry, color-treated hair.

Mix to create unlimited Colour Intensifying Conditioners.
Cationic pigment delivery.
An instant color + a nourishing treatment in one.
Available for normal/fine hair and coarse/damaged hair.
Processing time of 3 minutes (depending on desired color intensity).
Lasts 4 to 8 washes (depending on the hair condition and shade).
Sulphate, paraben, DEA, TEA and propylene glycol-free.

Unlimited creativity to perfectly match and maintain clients’ hair color inbetween full color services.
Color molecule is deposited deep inside the hair shaft - bonding it to the hair fiber for lasting results
results in 3 minutes.
Smoothing / anti-static effect polishes the cuticle to reduce frizz and give brilliant shine.
Restores and maintains moisture balance.
Softens, nourishes and detangles without weighing hair down.
Color intensifying conditioners can be created for different hair types.

Note: each 250ml bottle will provide enough for 15 to 30 applications
Designed to have Fabuloso Pro Colour Intensifiers added to them to create a customised, Colour Intensifying Conditioner for your client.

Direct Use
Wash and towel dry hair. wear gloves. spread desired amount, with comb or fingers wait 3 minutes.
Rinse until water runs clear.

Conditioner Creation
Add 20g of Fabuloso Pro Colour Intensifiers to Fabuloso Pro retail conditioner bases to create Colour Intensifying Conditioners.
Shake well (see the Fabuloso Pro Mixologist Menu or iPad app for suggested formulations).
Pure ionic pigment (colors/tones), centrimonium chloride (anti-static, prevents flyaway), glycerin (humectant), and panthenol (conditions and repairs).

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